Purchasing Rules

Transaction Rules
- US Buyers Peferred; International Buyers Welcomed. I've found that I lose alot of money when shipping items out. International shipping is expensive.
- PayPal is the only accepted form of payment. I will not accept money orders, checks, or cash. The 5% PayPal fee will be added to total including price of item/items being purchased and shipping.
- Payment has to be received at least 3 days (so that it may be cleared) before your purchase can be shipped. I will only be able to ship on Saturdays. If your payment is received before the weekend, I will be able to ship it.
- Shipping is based on total weight of package, location, and shipping type. Priority comes in varied rates (i.e. 1 CD is $3.95.) Signature confirmation or delivery confirmation is an extra $1.95.
- I will ship posters in tubes. Poster tubes will come with an extra $2.95 charge in addition to poster, please keep that in mind before buying. CDs and DVDs are shipped bubble-wrapped and in a box. I will do my best to package them safely. Although, I will not be responsible for damage caused during postal transit. I am also not responsible for packages once they are left at the post office.
- I would appreciate serious buyers only. You may ask questions regarding items for sale, and I will try to help answer them. To save all of us time and trouble, please only commit if you know you will be able to pay.
- Prices are non-negotiable.

If you are ready to buy, please comment with the following information:
Location: State, Zip Code
Shipping Method:
Items to Buy:

If you would like to see feedback, please go to this post. Thank you for stopping by, and happy shopping!

Purchase Update

Underneath, I have posted past and pending transactions. If you have recently purchased an item, please check here frequently to see if your item/items have been shipped. Also if you have the time, please leave me some feedback at garagesalejapan over here. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your business.^^

yuroki - Hot Gimmick Vols 1-10
Status - payment cleared, shipped

lildevilyouko - Two Gackt promotional posters and Hyde calendar poster
Status - payment recieved, shipped

bohemianbeauty - Two L'Arc~en~Ciel Calendar Posters
Status - payment recieved, shipped

private__enemy - Two PIERROT DC fanclub-only DVDs
Status - payment recieved, shipped

akiranopanda - Plastic Tree photocards
Status - payment recieved, shipped

tokalam - Merry nu Chemical Limited edition Live
Status - payment recieved, shipped

fairyeyez27 - Hyde Calendar Poster
Status - payment recieved, shipped

whistlingcheese - Merry - last indies tour- shamabara to the core - act. 1.
Status - payment recieved, shipped

jluve82 - Moonchild Limited Edition
Status - payment received, shipped

post_effete - Gackt Love Letter
Status - payment received, shipped

pink_spider11 - Plastic Tree singles & DVDs
Status - payment received, shipped

rubyjuls - Hyde 666 and Mika Nakashima Music Posters
Status - payment received, shipped (6/21/07)

juugatsu_ame - PIERROT DVDS (Prototype 1&2, Prototype 3, Prototype 4, Dictators Circus VI, DC V Vol 1 & 2)
Status - payment received, shipped

aichu - PIERROT DC variant BUD poster
Status - payment received, shipped

suiseihime - Fruits Basket DVDs (1,3,4)
Status - payment received , shipped

iwakuralain16 - Love Hina DVDs (Vol 2-6)
Status - payment received, shipped

sarahs4sale - Do As Infinity CDs
Status - payment received, shipped

shiggity - Karaoke Revolution 1 & 2
Status - payment received, shipped (7/25/07)

bdchan - Texhnolyze Vol 1-4
Status - payment received, shipped (7/28/07)

juugatsu_ame - PIERROT Dictators Circus a variant BUD, deformed BUD, Kirito Hameln
Status - payment received, shipped (8/17/07)

rosepetals1984 - Made With Air CD
Status - payment received, shipped (9/22/07)

neoness - Brave Fencer Musashi and Xenogears
Status - payment received, shipped (9/22/07)

rabbitsix - DOOR poster
Status - payment recieved, shipped 9/30

amyk5954 - 10/2007 Potato featuring Kanjani8. $10.00 USD
Status - payment received, shipped on 9/29/08